BODY AND SOUL Chic non-alcoholic drinks for Dry July happy hour

They taste better than the real thing.

BODY AND SOUL By KelseyKFerencak

Alcohol alternatives have gotten a modern makeover and these restaurant-approved beverages prove it - whether you're doing Dry July or not.

This year Dry July could be tougher than ever. Sometimes a cheeky cocktail at the end of the day, or a nice glass of red with dinner is just the treat we need, but even more so with everything going on in the world.

It’s no surprise we’ve all been drinking more than usual, in fact 70 per cent of us were indulging in an alcoholic beverage at the height of the pandemic. But whether you’re going cold turkey this month, or opting to try and have a dry-ish July, we’ve got you covered with these delicious alcohol alternatives that won’t make people question why you’re not drinking, and may even taste better than the real thing.

Monday Distillery

Founder Sam Manning set out to create these non-alcoholic bevvies after she couldn’t find anything on the market that wasn’t sickly-sweet or flat and boring. Using her background in botanicals and the beverage industry, she developed ready-to-drink gin and tonic – without the gin, or the sugar. They come in two flavours – classic G&T or exotic spice, with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. Drink straight from the bottle, or pour over ice.

Monday Distillery Non Alcoholic Classic G&T ($19.99 for 4, at Dan Murphy’s)