Live on your own terms. Be true to you, rather than bow to the crowd. Drink what’s good for body and soul. Monday Distillery is all about enjoying those social times where you want to go out and have fun yet still stay elegantly composed. Appreciating the feels without the fuss.  
We are a New Age Beverage Company revolutionising the way people look at having a night out with friends. By offering sophisticated, non-alcoholic, sugar-free options you can have a good time, love what you drink and love yourself the next day too.
It all started when Sam Manning found there weren’t many options when heading out with friends if you wanted to stay off the spirits (or wine). You either had to have a sickly sugar drink, or flat-flavoured sparkling water. This at best drew sideways glances from her friends, or at worst sly remarks about being a party pooper and questions about her pregnancy status. No! Using her background in botanicals and beverages, she set out to develop something with all the emotional connection, taste and vibe of her favourite gin & tonic, without the messy effects of alcohol. Monday Distillery was born and soon the questions flipped from ‘why are you drinking that?’ to ‘oh, can I have a sip?’
Now, Sam’s unique G&T recipes can be chilled, poured, sipped, or even mixed at your own leisure - available online and from stockists worldwide. At the moment, it’s Gin and Tonic, but soon there will be whiskey without the wobbles and vodka without the vengeance.
It’s all non-alcoholic, sugar free and full of social graces. Stay in high spirits, keep a clear mind.  Cheers to Monday.