Is there any alcohol in Monday?

No. Niet. Non. Nopeski. Nein. Nej. Tidak. Hellllll No. 没有. 🙅.

Why alcohol free? AKA why bother? 

We get it, we’ve loved a little tipple in the past too. Still do on occasion. But there are definitely times when it’s better to go alcohol free. You’re driving, are pregnant, have issues with alcohol from a health, emotional or relationship perspective, are at a work function where it’s better that you don’t let slip to Kevin in design that you’ve been crushing on him for like, forever, don’t drink for religious reasons, are doing Dry July, October, December, are on a diet that puts snooze on booze, or just want to feel good the next day when you wake up. Yup, there are plenty of reasons to say no.  

Why Monday?

Because most mocktail alternatives at bars taste like cat spray. Haven’t had the pleasure of tasting cat spray? Try an awful, pungent mocktail. It’s that, sickly sugar soda, or flavour-flat sparkling water. 

Monday provides something that not only tastes like your favourite adult beverage (along with the emotional and social connection that brings) but does it in a way that’s sugar free and made from all things good. Tick, tick, sip.


Can I drink Monday if I am pregnant?

Yes. And, congratulations! You’re making a little human, which makes you one of the most precious people on the planet. The fact that Monday is alcohol and sugar free makes it a great drink to drink during pregnancy (and even cover things up early since it looks like you’re still enjoying a tipple). 

If you have any allergy or pregnancy concerns about specific botanicals used in Monday, it’s worth double checking with your doctor using the ingredients list as reference. Peace of mind during this special time is a beautiful thing.  

How is Monday made?

Monday is made like regular gin, just without the alcohol part. We take locally-sourced springwater and distill botanicals to bring out their flavor-filled essence. We also include ingredients common in tonic such as quinine to give it that ready-to-drink taste. It’s then lightly carbonated for extra sparkle and bottled in something wonderful to (be)hold. 

Is there any sugar in Monday?

No. Niet. Non. Nopeski. Nein. Nej. Tidak. Hellllll No. 没有. 🙅. 

Keto on, our health-loving friends.

Is Monday Vegan?


No animals were harmed, or even scratched lovingly on the ear in the making of Monday drinks. Because, cleanliness and cruelty free is what we’re all about. There is a ‘hang in there baby’ poster on our wall at work with a picture of a cute kitten, but we’re pretty sure that little fella was loved just as much as our own pets at home. 


How long until I get my delivery?

I want it. Give it to me. C’mon. We know that excitement of waiting for a special package so get things out the door as fast as we can. After that, it’s up to Australia Post. Normally it takes 3-5 business days for metro deliveries, or 5-10 for regional. If you’re on a mountain top in the lands of faraway, maybe give it that little bit extra (and enjoy smelling the flowers and fresh air while you patiently wait). If things are taking wayyyy too long, check the next FAQ for tracking options.  

How do I track my package? 

You should have received a tracking link in your order confirmation email which you can click to check on progress. It will take you to the Australia Post website and show an ETA (that’s estimated time of arrival, not excellent tasty aperitif). If you’re wanting to chase things up, there is information on there to get in touch direct. If there’s simply no tracking info, send us an email with your order number and we’ll see what we can do to chase things up on our end. 


I have special delivery instructions - where can I add this?

If you have any special delivery requests (such as authority to leave in a secure spot), you may leave a request in the "Authority to leave" section of the cart, and these details will be passed on to Australia Post. Please note this section is only available in the cart section of the website and not the checkout - so make sure you add this in before proceeding to payment details.