Why go Dry?

Why Go Dry?

Because it’s healthy. Because it’s a challenge. Because small steps lead to positive change. There are a lot of reasons why you might look to go alcohol-free in your life, whether it’s for a month, or maybe longer. There are the obvious benefits like detoxifying your body, saving a few brain cells (and maybe a little cash), or just having fully-fresh days where you get shit done. 

Let’s be honest. There are the heavier reasons too. Like the fact you turn snarky, or worse, violent, when you drink. Or, those lowered inhibitions might make you do pretty loose things. Sweet if you’ve been building up the courage to make the first move on your crush. Not so great if you tell them you love them and want to have their babies. Babies! You might be pregnant. If so, huzzah for you and your little one on the way! An amazing reason to go alcohol free. 

Yet, sometimes no matter how good your reason, that pressure of ‘why aren’t you drinking?’ can still get to you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Your Gin and Tonic without the tears is here. Monday is the perfect window into the dry life, while you still look like you’re living the high life. 

Get a taste of high spirits with a clear mind... Take the Monday challenge and #godry.