Dry July will be a breeze with this new premix

Delicious By Lindy Alexander

Rum without the rumble.

While many Aussies have emerged from lockdown with a serious baking addiction (we’re looking at you, sourdough), lots of us have not only surfaced with a penchant for tracksuit pants and quirky Zoom backgrounds, but also for low or no alcohol alternatives.

Although Australians are undoubtedly known for their love of a tipple, the COVID-19 lockdown saw an unprecedented demand for non-alcoholic drink options. In the first week of May, Carlton Zero and Heineken 0.0 were two of the top five fastest-growing beers, and Dan Murphy’s quickly added non-alcoholic spirits into the mix too. 

One of the most exciting (and delicious) options to hit the shelves is Monday Distillery, with its beautifully designed bottles of premix ‘classic dry gin and tonic’, ‘exotic spice gin and tonic’, plus a rum flavoured ‘dark and stormy’. 

“We’re thrilled Dan Murphy’s are meeting this need with a local brand,” says Sam Manning, the founder of Monday Distillery. “The response to online sales has been crazy already, so this is an amazing chance for people to get it in physical stores.”

Monday Distillery was created by Sam, an entrepreneur, who was frustrated with the lack of healthy low or no alcohol options. She says the Monday Distillery range offers a mindful alternative to drinking. “People are after more sophisticated, health-conscious options that still offer the feeling of a fun social drink with friends,” she says. “Research shows that it’s easier to replace a habit with a similar yet healthier one.”

While the gorgeous bottles look just like normal alcoholic drinks, they’re alcohol and sugar free, and they’re also vegan. Fragrant botanicals are distilled in spring water before ingredients such as quinine are added. The result is a wonderfully refreshing drink that feels indulgent, but is perfectly healthy. 

With no-booze drinks this good, we might all just be able to cruise from Dry July straight into Ocsober.