Keeping clear-headed with Monday Distillery

Food and Drink Business By Kim Berry 

Monday Distillery has released its first three non-alcoholic premixes. Its Classic Dry Gin & Tonic, Exotic Spice Gin & Tonic and rum flavoured Dark & Stormy are alcohol and sugar free. Distillery founder Sam Manning said people are looking for more sophisticated, health conscious options that still feel fun and social. 

“Research shows that it’s easier to replace a habit with a similar yet healthier one. Helping people keep that relaxing drink ritual in something that looks and tasty like an adult beverage is something we’re told is part of the major appeal,” Manning said.

Manning has a background in beverage innovation, having run a loose-leaf tea business and developing luxury beverage brand Osun Sparkling, a sugar-free botanically infused carbonated spring water, positively charged using crystals.

“Australians are traditionally some of the heaviest drinkers in the world, but that is quickly changing. Two of the five fastest growing beers in early May were no alcohol varieties, and retailers like Dan Murphy’s are now stocking non-alcoholic spirits,” she said.

Monday Distillery premixes are stocked in Dan Murphy’s Victoria or via the company’s website for $24 per four pack.