Road Test: Monday Distillery Classic G&T

The Weekend Australian Magazine 

By Ross Bilton 

What is it? Just the thing for Dry July. It’s a ready-mixed gin and tonic with no alcohol! It’s also free of sugar and gluten, Monday Distillery says.

To be honest, I’d be surprised if a G&T did have any gluten in it. I know what you mean. Anyway, the drinks firm in Geelong – motto “High spirits, clear minds” – has created it using a “traditional mix of ginteresting botanicals” (give that copywriter a gold star!) plus some not-so-traditional stuff like rosemary and sea salt. “It’s your G&T without the tears,” Monday adds.

Gosh, it’s rather fond of catchphrases, isn’t it? There’s even more on the label: “Drink me and drive”… “Live on your own terms” … “Who needs a stiff drink?” (Actually, I made up the last one.)

Verdict: It’s refreshing and unusual, Australian-made, healthy, and comes in beautifully designed packaging. What’s not to like? Don’t answer that.

Four-pack (300ml) $25,