White Label Collection

Choose your own adventure. Start with white.


You bring the colour… our White Label Collection is all about giving you a blank canvas and a few tasty tints to choose from. Which is your fave? What extras do you want to add? What experience does it evoke for you? After the top taste is chosen to sit in our full time range, that extra colour to the story will emerge - label, box, glassware, garnishes. We shot everything to reflect that beginning, clear and full of opportunity. Choose your own adventure. Start with White.

Vote for your favourite flavour from the White Label Collection, and you may just see it take a permanent spot in our Signature Range. You'll also be in the running to win 1 of 4 White Label Collection cases just for voting. Cheers to Monday!

Winners announced at the end of March 2022 via email.

Garden Spritz G&T

Refreshing gin-inspired mix with cucumber, elderflower & rose

Spritz up that garden party with a G&T tipple that’s totally alc free. We’ve taken our classic G&T recipe and made it flourish even further with some cucumber, elderflower, rose and pepper. Your luxurious sip in the sunshine without getting sozzled.  

Mediterranean G&T

Lip-smacking, gin-inspired mix with grapefruit & herbaceous notes

Set sail for flavour island, with a relaxing G&T that’s totally alc free. We’ve taken our classic G&T profile and added a citrus sea breeze of grapefruit with rosemary, thyme and basil. Your coastal cruise cocktail that won’t have you three sheets to the wind.

Watermelon Paloma

Tart tequila taste with sweet watermelon and a mildly spicy finish

Crack out the maracas and dancing hats - this non-alc Paloma is set to get fruity. We’ve taken our popular Paloma recipe and punched it up with watermelon, strawberry and a little hit of chilli.  Your spicy Latin libation without the inebriation.

Stormy Royale

Spiced-rum taste, with espresso, bitters and smokey vanilla

Gather your crew for a wild night on the shanties, this non-alc swig will have you all singing. We’ve sparked up our classic Dark & Stormy with some espresso, bitters and smokey vanilla. Your bit of lightning in a bottle, without making a wreck of tomorrow.   

Don't miss out!

For the first time ever, you decide what new non-alc tipple will become a permanent addition to the Monday family. You'll also go in the run to win 1 of 4 White Label Collection cases just for voting. Cheers to Monday!