Our Story

The beginning...

It all started with other alcohol free drinks we make - Osun Sparkling. They’re also sugar free, but brewed at the peak of moon cycles incorporating crystals into the process. Made for those who want a more spiritual and intentional side to their sips, it has been a big success.

However, one of the most common pieces of feedback we had was that people loved them because it’s hard to get sophisticated, non alcoholic drinks in Australia. That zero calorie mocktails were almost impossible to find and that all of the alcohol free drinks at bars were unhealthy or just plain boring. We’d already been experimenting with juniper botanicals at Osun because of their health benefits and went, hang on, juniper berries make gin! What if we go the whole way and create alcohol free drinks for people to enjoy on a night out, which match the taste, feel and sophistication of Australia’s favourite cocktails? Bang. Monday was born.