The Soda-licious

A quartet of highball sodas that bring the spirit of spring to July.

Australian Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Soda is for kids. Water is for workouts. It’s hard to find drinks that have all the spark of a good time yet are alcohol-free. Until now. Monday makes non-alcoholic drinks and adult beverages that taste like your favourite cocktails and look the part too. Sugar Free. Alcohol Free Drinks. Forever tasteful.

Most Fizzy Drinks Don’t Sparkle…

The Mixologist Box
It’s amazing to mix things up.

Here’s your chance to add a twist to your fridge with some non-alcoholic tastes of your choice.

Hello, Cello

Our newest summer sip is here, and she's a beauty.
Cello Bella x Wandering Folk
Ciao, Bella

We wanted to give you a little behind the scenes vibes from our Cello Bella x Wandering Folk campaign photoshoot - it was a really fun one.

Have your G&T and drink it too with this tasty beverage that’s alcohol free and full of sparkles.
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Australian-Made, Ready to Drink Alcohol-free Gin & Tonic. Great-Tasting and Full of Flavour.

Meet our Founder.

As she discusses why do non-alc drinks cost what they do?


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We Stand For Not Falling Down

You should be able to have a great night out with friends, without the need to get boozy. 

We’re on a mission to let you do that and still sip something you love with our alcohol-free spirits and beverages.