Sip a G&T sans the sauce from Monday Distillery

The Weekend Edition By Jade Quinlivan

As a nation, Australians are among some of the heaviest drinkers in the world. If you find that statistic unsettling, you are not alone. Alcohol can not only have a detrimental impact on your overall health but also your mental wellbeing – after all, who hasn’t had that feeling of instant remorse after doing or saying something stupid whilst under the influence? As a result, more and more Australians are opting to go booze-free for a bit (or for good) however, the downside to this healthy life-change is that you will be guaranteed to face some probing questions from well-meaning mates but also some fairly bland beverage choices. If you still want to enjoy the social side of drinking without the hangover, crack a bottle from Monday Distillery.

Up until now, alcohol-free beverages have generally consisted of sugar-filled soft drinks or flat mineral waters that are also loaded with sugar. Monday Distillery seeks to replace the teeth-decaying nasties with something just as tasty. Specialising in sophisticated, non-alcoholic beverages that are sugar-free and full of social graces, Monday Distillery is a new-age beverage company revolutionising the way people drink. The company’s founder Samantha Manning was saddened by the lack of quality booze-free options and used her background in botanicals and beverages and set out to develop something with all the emotional connection, taste and vibe of her favourite gin and tonic, without the messy effects of alcohol. It wasn’t long before the questions flipped from ‘why are you drinking that?’ to ‘oh, can I have a sip?’

Monday Distillery currently offers a classic dry G&T, an exotic spiced G&T plus a rum-flavoured Dark & Stormy. The pre-mixed tipples can be chilled, poured, sipped, or even mixed at your own leisure. There are plans to release a whiskey without the wobbles and vodka without the vengeance so if you’re keen to stay in high spirits and keep a clear mind – shop online at Monday Distillery.