Gift Guide

Curated especially for you by Monday Distillery

 Imagine an Aussie festive season with plenty of sun, smiles and delectable sips without getting sloppy. Just bright skies, bright minds, and long, fun-filled days.  As they say, ‘the joy is in the giving,’ and here at Monday, we have searched, sampled, designed, compiled, presented and packaged some beautiful Christmas gifting options for you and your nearest and dearest to enjoy. 

 Think bespoke, artisanal goodies that support the finest producers going around.  Think flavour, style and the coveted WOW factor that will have family members clambering to get you in the Kris Kringle this year, and every year to come.

 Oh – did we say we had to taste everything that goes into these hampers? Sigh…… Oh ok… go on then.  In some cases, we checked things twice, just like Santa would want us to.