Non-Alcoholic Rouge Fizz G&T
Non-Alcoholic Rouge Fizz G&T
Non-Alcoholic Rouge Fizz G&T
Non-Alcoholic Rouge Fizz G&T
Non-Alcoholic Rouge Fizz G&T

Non-Alcoholic Rouge Fizz G&T

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 A shiraz gin-inspired delight with cherry, black plum & chai spice 

Non-alcoholic. Sugar free. Forever tasteful.

Spice up the night with this alc-free delight that blends a gin-drinker’s heart and a wine-lover’s soul. Dry gin taste sparkles with Shiraz grape tonic, delivering notes of black plum, cherry and a peppery chai finish. Your decadent experience without the delirium. 

High spirits, clear minds. Drink Monday. 


  • Refreshing carbonated taste

  • Alcohol, sugar and gluten free

  • No artificial additives or flavours

  • Naturally sweetened with stevia. In fact the recipe is based on the concept of a 'sonic' half soda half tonic. This allows us to use almost no sweeter!

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A familiar taste with a modern twist. Bold tonic flavours swirl with well-rounded juniper and rosemary botanical undertones. Think of it like a savoury lemonade, if lemonade wore Gucci 24/7.

AromaAromatic juniper with zesty citrus and a slight rosemary scent

Ingredients: (distilled botanicals and extracts (local and imported) carbonated australian spring water, citric acid, stevia, natural distilled gin flavour (derived from juniper berry, orange, cassia bark, coriander, nutmeg), natural lemon flavour (devived from sicilian lemon), natural rosemary extract,  natural tonic flavour (derived from orange oil, grapefruit oil, lemon oil, lime oil), natural lemon / lime flavour. 

High Spirits, Clear Minds. Cheers To Monday.

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Party All Weekend, Drink Monday

Everyone loves going out for a drink, but thoughts of the next day can make you think twice. 

Non-alcoholic. Sugar free. Forever tasteful.